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  1. Phoenix is an incubator for restaurant concepts. All of the big companies/chains test their stores and new concepts there, so there are fantastic food options. But Tucson has ground floor culinary wizards with dozens of privately-owned restaurants with exceptional food as well. Hidden gems everywhere! #foodie

  2. I lived in phoenix for 13 years and Tucson for 6 years I can tell you from personal experience with APS, salt river project, TEP and Trico energy that Tucson is about 40% on electricity cost compared to Phoenix. I was spending $250 a month during summer months in Phoenix back in 2006 on a 1 bedroom apartment, I average about $95 a month currently in Tucson during the summer months to mantain about 74 degrees in a 2 bedroom apartment. In Tucson in July it will be a average 72-73 degrees @ 3a.m. in Phoenix it will be a average of 94-95 degrees @ 3a.m. and the air conditioner runs non stop.

  3. Born n raised in TUC520N, but have been living in phx since 2014 and the difference for me is TUC520N is a small pond and some fish enjoy that but phx is more like a huge lake and some fish pefer that space, so you gotta ask your inner fishself is, what kinda fish are you??

  4. Moved from California to tucson last year and im in the process of moving back to California

    Tucson is a very low paste relaxed community and cost of living compared to California is very cheap

    My family and I just couldn’t get use to life out here

    Over all very boring not much to do if you are not into hiking or heat.

  5. I was raised on the south side of Tucson, im 19 now. Dont move here, its so ghetto and full of sketchy people. If you have kids, the schools are terrible, none of the teachers care about the students, half the kids do drugs. I cant reccomend Tucson to anyone.

  6. Better said;
    To me Phoenix is an American City. That is; young, trendy, modern, uprising and with a good urban plan for growing even more.

    Tucson (in which I lived)
    is a city from Northern Mejico…..

  7. Hello, Im planning on making a move within 2019. I am a rideshare driver, mainly work with Amazon and Grubhub. How congested is traffic between 5 and 7PM daily in phoenix and how easy is it to find parking in the downtown area? Thank you for the videos!

  8. This guy is a typical pro Phoenix type because people in Phoenix always downtalk Tucson, Tucson was at one time the largest city in Arizona but people moved to Phoenix only because California was closer for when they went on vacation but Tucson reached a million about five years ago so his numbers are questionable but he is pro Phoenix so there you go on his video

  9. We are retired and have a friend who bought a nice home 20-25 mins. north of Tucson so we are thinking about moving also.  Our worry is that Tucson is very close to Mexico so we assumed that crime was very high, it this true?  We now live 30 min. outside of Indianapolis in an area that has almost no crime at all.  We will only go to Tucson for health care, Sam's Club, Costco and nicer restaurants.  Thanks you in advance.

  10. Phoenix and Tucson and very different cities. Tucson is more of a laid back family life type of city, it would attract someone who is looking to get married and settle down with a family. Phoenix is a young hip city, with loads of stuff to do. It would attract someone looking to get out and have some fun, or maybe meet someone. Phoenix has the high paying jobs, nightlife, and singles in spades. Tucson has affordable housing, family events, and a small town feel. In my 20's, it was Phoenix all day. But now that I'm in my mid-30s and married, I'm very happily settled in Tucson. Plus the cycling here is great (something my wife and I are into), and I enjoy the quick commute times, most everything I need is within a 5 minute drive. From my experience with Tucson, most college students think it's boring. But, the ones who came here a bit later in life, tend to really fall in love with it here. Both are great choices, just depends on what your looking for.

  11. Thank you for this! I am hoping to move this summer, but I am coming to visit next month to scope things out. I have NEVER moved away from home and am terrified and excited! You should do a video about moving somewhere totally new since you seem to have a lot of experience. Wish I could pick your brain lol

  12. Thanks Jeff for this very informative video. I have never visited Tucson, but did visit Phoenix for the weekends last year and we (the wife and I) liked Phoenix very much. Just don't know if I can deal with the "hick" attitude in Tucson that you described. LOL!! That was really funny!!

  13. Which area would you recommend to raise a young family, but still close enough to really enjoy the night life.. not over pay for housing but still in a very comfortable area? Coming to a career, from Michigan! Help haha

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