1. You are incredible!!! Your partner and family are very lucky to have you! You house is fab. The tranquil vibe is so warm in the decor and the way you are doing the jobs with your adorable sons pottering around too. xb

  2. My Mom was HORRIBLE for letting her dishes stack and stack and they would be towered until she did it later that evening.. She was like " Do it all at once". But Dad always taught me to clean the dish you used as you go. Dad never has dishes stacked and I kind of took on both of the parents. I will allow my sink to get full if the Dish Washer is already in use. But once I can see my dishes in the sink from another room I tackle them because the moment I can see them getting higher than the sink and less hidden I go nuts haha. But the thing is, you do you girl. Time gets past us so fast and I only have the one child so far you have two to keep up with and everything else you have to do. Things just add up and then you look around once you got the kids settled down and it's like, "ugh work is never done." LOL

  3. I love to watch your videos first to get motivated and then i play them on replay while im cleaning… tonight i cleaned my bathroom… but my sink is always clean…i clean as i see…plus my kiddos and hubby are trained to do so as i go…

  4. Cleaning with you my kitchen. It got really messy because I was meal prepping for the week 🤭🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t let the dishes piled up… I cleaned them as I cook whatever doesn’t fit in the dishwasher. I can’t take the stress of waking up and see the mess I left behind before I go to work. 🙃😖 love ❤️ the video always motivating me to clean. God Bless You!

  5. I'm loving your video! Might be a silly question but what pot set do you have? I just purchased a new set and there cute but kinda small. Yours look sturdy lol… also do you like them?

  6. Ugh you make me feel like such a bad homemaker lol i let dishes pile up, laundry is always behind. I suffer from depression and some days its a win just to shower. Gross I know. You're like goals right now. Im so jealous you can send your little one out to play without having to stay right there with them. I live on a street and no fences so when my daughter wants to play im right there with her (i don't always mind bc its nice spending time with her) but sometimes I have stuff to do lol

  7. I am terrible about the kitchen sink, but since watching these clean videos, I am making myself try to make this change in my life. (All adult kids and 2 grandkids live with us) combined with shift work and I have been struggling. Doing spring cleaning now along with incorporating this new habit of keeping up instead of catching up.

  8. thank you for this cleaning motivation! The only thing i have to critizice is that you can move so very fast! that´s why you are finished much earlier that i am! 😉 So please please do it a lot more slowly that we don´t lose the rest of our motivation!!!

  9. I was my dishes as I go. Especially when I'm cooking. But my youngest kid is 16. If I had toddlers as you do, I'd probably leave some in the sink as well. It's ok your hands are full with your babies.

  10. Good you are teaching your sons small chores to help clean so as get older they will be responsible . Chores are good for kids. We grew helping mom with household chores. Thankful for that.

  11. I have OCD (diagnosed lol) it manifests itself though cleaning. If my house isn't clean I feel like something bad will happen and I can't leave the house until its clean enough. I have gotten better I'm able to leave somethings out. I put all the things that can go into the dishwasher in as soon as i'm done with it but anything that needs hand washed i'm able to leave it till after dinner.

  12. Hello Hannah! Thanks for sharing your cleaning methods again. I'm in Canada, do these links work for Canada as well? Awesome stuff in your links! Love essential oils especially! Having two small children seems to still be a breeze for you to get all your cleaning done. Hats off to you! My two children are 10 years apart. Thanks again!

  13. I was cooking Homehef while watching your video. Going to replay this to get motivated to clean the entire house. Mom's don't get a day off otherwise the whole house goes chaotic. Thank you for creating these videos.

  14. This is great, I need to clean my home like that. I'm curious what kind of vacuum you use. It looks amazing. I have a ton of pots and pans right now in my kitchen-yuck! haha

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