19 Replies to “2019 Arizona Coues, Quail & Javelina with Randy Newberg (Part 6)”

  1. Great video and really enjoy the education on the conservation efforts. Would be great in the next ones to show those guys collect their hulls and provide education about this too. The efforts to improve habitats and water quality are amazing, walking in and finding plastic isn't nice. Could be a good addition on the little things everyone can do.

  2. When it comes to being in the field… my money is on Shiloh ALWAYS being ready. What a good girl!

    Agreed, NO shortage of great camp meat being enjoyed on this adventure.

    Randy, if you don't pluck that string soon, you'd better bring out that stash of Dilly Bars to pass around.

  3. Great videos guys ! Randy you know you should of set up on that hole in the fence . With the dryness and sound you're making stalking would of been your best bet !

  4. Very good information. Now all we have to do is to get this information, and Show the good that hunting money goes for, to the dump stupid people that are against hunting and guns that’s the big goal..

  5. Great episode! Thank you for bringing attention to the AZGF Department conservation efforts. Here in Arizona my husband and I volunteer on many water catchment improvements in coordination with the department, we have seen firsthand the impact this program has had on our wildlife. AZGF are to be applauded for their determined and vigorous stewardship of our Arizona wildlife!

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