43 Replies to “Landing INSIDE the Canyon! – Flying the Grand Canyon”

  1. ATTENTION EVERYONE!!! PLEASE, PLEASE do not put your head or any other part of your body under the propeller. Put the chock for the nose wheel in place from the side. I've seen and heard of too many times of the other person accidentally turning the magneto/start key the wrong way and starting the prop turning. And pilots: please warn the non flying public to stay away from the front of the airplane. Always walk behind the airplane not in front. Flying is very fun and exciting, so it is very easy to not notice those big blades and especially when they are spinning.

  2. You need to start your own FBO called Aviation101. You could hold some Fly in's there and feature stuff in your videos. I think it would be a success!

  3. Another beautiful video, Josh. Thanks.
    One observation, though. I'm surprised you don't carry a set of chocks in the airplane, for situations just like this. But, hey, a rock works just fine.

  4. No need to apologize for "being a little high" on final. Loose and engine and you in that big crevasse. Great filming. Also like your choice of music for any given scene. Inspiring.

  5. IPad Mount? Can you please tell me the details on the iPad mount you were using in the cockpit (brand, model, location of clamp or suction cup)? Great videos, keep them coming.

  6. OK, here's a strange comment he makes that I don't understand, yet I make sometimes, too. @9:03

    "That's crazy that we were standing right down there yesterday."

    Yeah, and now you're up here. And you were the only one who moved you from there to here. So why are we blown away by that? Like I said, I make the same type of comments when I travel. But where does that come from?

    Serious question.

  7. Josh, loved this series. Planning to head to Osh this year in my 172 floatplane and have been inspired to film and share my flying life in a YouTube channel. I was wondering if you could give some advice on how you get longer battery life from your GoPro. I am using all Hero5 cameras – and I am only gettiong 1:20 to 1:30 of film time. On the upcoming trip to Osh I will have some 3 hour legs and want to grab the full legs. I have four cameras with two externals on the wing struts on nflightcam strut clamps…really want to extend battery life. Love your channel and I met you in OSH last year @ YouTube forum. Would love any tips you can share…

    My channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNk869JFnT1_ddTw1ZqEekQ?view_as=subscriber

  8. I wish I could do more than like these videos, and contribute, but being autistic, money is always tight, and my employment isn't guaranteed. And with winter in Australia not that far away Id like to get a sweater or hoodie. Thank you for sharing this content.

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