16 Replies to “Grand Canyon University (GCU) Havocs Purple Pre-game Party”

  1. I've been to thousands of sporting events in different parts of the country and their pre game is tops on my list. Was at the Louisville game and that might have been the loudest crowd I've ever been a part of.

  2. I'm only here goes Donovan Mitchell said this is the craziest place he's ever played on the IamRap podcast, shout out if you made here too…. this is a party I want to go to…

  3. ive become a grand canyon fan watching these videos. Unbelievable environment to play in, that's gotta be very effective. The visitors' adjustment to that, has to take a while. Place is lit!!! and i almost forgot: the fans pointing at them on tip off made me say, no they didn't.

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