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  1. Beautiful video. Recording road trips is something I have always wanted to do, but the camera I bought does not have the quality I want. What equipment do you recommend. I am thinking about buying Garmin VIRB, but the question is, Can I mount it on my car front window or dash? I do not want to waste money on something I will not be able to mount in my car.

  2. State Route Highway 38 from Big Bear Lake, CA to Mentone, CA …One of the best mountain routes in Southern California, The highway summits at 8,443 feet and overlooks the highest mountain peak in socal, at 11,500 feet San Gorgonio Mountain

  3. Too fast for me, I prefer a slower speed. Like my old friend Harry used to tell me when we would hike, it's not a race! I hiked Humphrey's Peak years ago. Brings back memories.

  4. @ScrewdUPClickV2

    It says Proof – Aguilas …… I can't find any info on that, is that the full name the artist?

    We need a link to that sweet trance track.

  5. Great video! I remember driving up this road to the Grand Canyon in August 2006 with my then girlfriend…loved taking the trip again through the video. It was the highlight of my trip to Vegas. Great job well done!

  6. @ScrewdUPClickV2 You've done your homework. Indeed that is true with the exception of SOME Interstate Expressway routes. I lived near a I-195 that goes E to W. I'll take your word for it that the road you took was US-180. The "N" is still a mystery to me.

  7. Awesome video! Anyway according to my own research by Google Earth, it looks like the highest state road in AZ is AZ 273 in the eastern part of the state; it's up around 9200'.

    I've watched a lot of your videos–excellent work, I might add–and might I suggest you check out Utah? I guarantee you'll loving taking a road tour through the Beehive State; I-80 through Parleys Canyon for example, plus I-15 through SLC, Bryce/Zion/etc. You won't be disappointed!

  8. Actually, this is a side comment, but once I started seeing the trees swaying in time-lapsed form around 5;30, it kinda reminded me of that one scene in the Wizard of Oz, where the apple trees come alive, while Dorothy and friends are walking down the yellow brick road, lol.

  9. Great work, my friend. That was actually my first time ever seeing US 180. I'll say this much; it's definitely more of an interesting ride than AZ 64 (at least in my opinion). Did you get a chance to check out downtown Flagstaff? One of the most atmospheric downtowns in the desert southwest, especially when there's a big event in town.

  10. @eluko79: Flagstaff actually lies within the largest ponderosa pine forest in the entire world. It's definitely a complete contrast from the desert landscape of Phoenix.

  11. There's snow up there on Humphery's Peak, meanwhile in mid July temps in Tucson were in the mid 100's w/ humidity hovering around 40%, 110's in Phoenix.

  12. Cool video. I remember my trip to Grand Canyon 6 years ago. Coming back on 180 at night, it was so pitch black out there, you couldn't see anything beyond the cars headlights.
    5 stars!

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