41 Replies to “Motorhome RV Living | Free Camping Near The Grand Canyon”

  1. Just got back from Williams. Thanks for the hookup on the sweet boondock spot. That was really nice. Lorena and my wife could be sisters! They look so much alike its freaky. Love your videos keep up.

  2. You are so right people create what is now called waste because they are pigs and don't know how to pickup after them selves and this is how they live at home how gross. I wonder if they shower.

  3. Thanks for the Video.  You brought back so many good memories of Williams.  So disappointed  about the trash left in the camping area.  It takes no character to leave trash behind.  But you show real character by picking it up and dispose of it correctly.  
    We all need to be considerate and cordial. Safe travels and continue to be a good role model.
    God bless you.

  4. Great job on your videography and editing, they were exceptional in this one, almost an RV commercial at your campsite.We did a Polar Express in Tavarus Fl with our Grand Children, it was well done and magical for the children and the adults.

  5. That beats the Grand Canyon Railway RV park where we stayed at. Awesome spot guys! I don't know if you guys do any Geocaching, but there was a good one at the Military Memorial.

  6. We discovered your channel today, and have been watching your videos. We love how informative are your videos. We like to travel, and my husband loves driving, so for sure your videos will be very useful in our next adventure.

  7. Cheryl likes bananas in her cereal, I don't, so if there is poll going on we cancel each other out! hahaha Nice job on picking up the trash others left. That is a pet peeve of ours too. Many times we've packed more more out than we packed in.

  8. It's nice for you to share that about Walmart. They get a bad rap a lot of times , but they actually do a LOT of nice things like that, along with donating a ton of money/supplies etc.

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