1. @6:27 Children kidnapped from 3rd world countries? I'm going to correct that. Far more American children have been tortured and sacrificed than from any other nation. Reptilians' favorite victim is a White baby. They have been more likely to abuse them over time, keeping them alive longer for the abuse. They have used children of other skin colors for mass and quicker killings. Yes, Satanists and their lords are particular about human skin. Humans should never be. We should never imitate their behaviors or buy into their divide and conquer schemes against us. There is only one human race.
    And, again at 5:37, to say that children from 3rd world nations 'won't be missed" is preposterous. What an insult to the parents in the nations that, for example, the US has reduced to poverty. They love their children, as much as any other parent, anywhere.
    You know who don't love their own children? US witches. There are plenty of them, all over America. They are as macabre as all the ancient stories of witches in the history of this world.
    I don't know why Arizona Wilder would make such a horrible statement about "3rd world" parents, but it is making me watch her more closely.

  2. If you want to see what i think could be defined as 'reptilian' please visit this YT vid titled: Muslim Inbreeding https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsrE-aNlSw0 and Skip to @1:25, @1:35 scared the living bejeepers out of me! I still think it could be a fake? 'Saudi Born Child With Harlequin Disorder'… 'This Baby Was Called The Snake Baby of Mecca and Mecca Is A City That Allah Promised To Bless With Many Fruits According To The Quran 2:126'. It looks like the babies are alive when they are born! Seriously messed up! No wonder the Bible warns of incest/interbreeding and i'm no Bible basher.

  3. HUMANS OF EARTH…" all of us must snap out of this controlled dream state we unknowingly put ourselves in" research and investigate our true reality. We can find our way back to it in unity! Race and religion are all tools they use to keep us from uniting together. See with ur heart…not ur mind- ur minds been layered with crap!

  4. So Reptilians fight to be in power with in them selves? the Clinton's the Bushe's the Reagan's and the Trump's and whoever else Ronald McDonald Maybe , I got to say she looks hot when she's stone 🙂

  5. It's not that the reptilians do not want hold there human form to keep fooling the human into there agendas and food farm, they absolutely can not hold their form when the heart chakra opens. There are beings here that are pure raw energy of light in human form that is way to much for them. That's why after 2012 they were really busy trying to get ahead of the game so to speak. The human soul ( non physical, very powerful, never dies) is upgrading its human DNA and reconnecting there human DNA back to the planet earth. So there anger is increasing (less blood) also your blood is connected to your auric field which is connected to your soul. The reptilians took blood from high vibrational beings that they did not understand they just know they don't have to feed as much. First it was given to the royals then it was given to the commoner. This blood is dimensional and extremely advanced and is given them time to change their vibration. Humans are not aloud to talk to there children unless they have mass respect for you and have no fear. The old udults didn't talk that much before 2010 after the new children are born they were more socially inclined with each other. Because when there is evolutionary changes you have to effect all conciousness to give them an opportunity and that holds the very low dence energy, because it's holding energies like pyramid power and time lines, taking these items back and giving back to the mass conciousness that the planet aligns with.

  6. Good Lord these guys are truly bad guys. Humans will find a way to get rid of the stone in our path. Reptilians are limited. The human potential goes further as I read.

  7. In the Bible it says that God cast Satan to the earth. And it says that Satan appeared as a serpent in the garden of eden. So I think it's definitely some truth behind this

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